Skeleton Shell

I am always fascinated by the internal structures of animate and inanimate objects. Such complicated forms often house simple external shapes. Nautilus shells are fascinating and make me wonder how something can live inside all those crevices.   [...]


Gaudi’s Windows

For the Cloth in Common prompt of LIGHT and in keeping with my overall theme of Antoni Gaudi I went through my pictures taken on my last trip to Barcelona. It had been a few [...]


Gaudi’s Columns

Keeping with my current theme of inspiration of Antoni Gaudi I was thrilled with the Building Prompt. My only problem was which building to select. Parc Guell is a privatised park system composed of gardens [...]


Skelton Revealed

The prompt of Anatomy should make you think of a living organism but my passion (some would say obsession) continues to explore the work of Antoni Gaudi. I was drawn to the skeleton framework that [...]


Descent into the Lost World

In keeping with my overall theme of Antoni Gaudi, the Lost World prompt made me think of descending into the crypt of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This spiral staircase was designed by Gaudi and [...]


Faces of Gaudi

I have always been a fan of Spanish architect Anton Gaudi. I love his organic shapes and colours and always feel inspired whenever I see his work. I have been fortunate enough to visit Barcelona [...]


Knocking on Heaven’s Door

I have been fortunate enough to teach a few times in Italy in a little hilltop town called Orvieto. We stayed in a 14th century convent which has been converted into a B&B complete with [...]


Social Stigma

One of the unfairest types of shame is the social stigma called body shaming attached to obese people or to a lesser extent extremely thin people. We often compare ourselves as inferior to the slim [...]


A Perfect Compromise

This quilt was made for the Cloth in Common prompt of Compromise Marriage is the perfect compromise. Two people with different interests, experiences, passions and dreams come together to form a perfect union. Along the [...]


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

This quilt was made for the Cloth in Common prompt of Media Media as a way of communicating has been around since the stone ages but for as long as I have been around the [...]



This quilt was made for the Cloth in Common prompt of Cooperation and Sharing, During the Covid 19 lockdown many people wanted to do something to help. We all feel helpless just sitting at home [...]


If Only

It has been hard to find green spaces in busy cities these days. Some cities like New York have Central Park and in Sydney we have Centennial and Bicentennial Parks which act like lungs. Over [...]



I grew up in a suburb of Sydney that was still considered bushland. Full of eucalyptus trees and mysterious creeks  (which were probably sewer outlets) and lots of places for adventurous kids to play. By [...]



Sometimes when you are struggling to find inspiration for a theme something just happens and presents itself as the perfect thought. I have been dealing with getting my mother settled into a new lifestyle and [...]


I am who I am

I am an introspective type of person. I think I am the only one who truely knows the mess that is in my head. So I felt I should attempt a self portrait for this [...]


Behind Closed Doors

For the Cloth in Common prompt of Masks  We all wear masks. We wear different ones for different audiences or situations. But one thing is common - we take them off when we go [...]


Broken Circles

For the Cloth in Common prompt of Disunity  The world is a sad place at the moment. There are few countries who are not suffering either politically or environmentally. The prompt of Disunity raised quite a [...]


One Step at a Time

For the Cloth in Common prompt of TIME I was taken back to a path leading to stone steps in Edinburgh. My mind was drawn to the worn paths and how many thousands of feet had [...]


Breaking the Drought

The Cloth in Common Prompt was WATER. As I am in Australia where we either seem to be having a drought or flood, I thought I would try and break the drought. Last time I [...]


Another Long Night

I don’t sleep! Any longer than two hours in a row is a good night. I watch my clock as the time moves slowly towards dawn. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes longer. In the morning [...]


Sleep Eludes Me – Cloth in Common 1-7

I don't sleep very well so when the Cloth in Common prompt of NIGHT was announced, I was quite pleased. Night to me usually means hours of watching the digital clock. Read the full story [...]


Soundwaves – Cloth in Common 1-1

As soon as the prompt of Sound was announced my mind went to sound waves. I love the repeat patterns and lines created by the variations and wanted to replicate them in [...]


Australiana Collage Series #3

Screen printed and hand painted fabric collage overlaid with a gum leaf design screen print. Free motion machine quilted Mounted on fabric covered canvas frame [...]


Australiana Collage Series #2

Screen printed and hand painted fabric collage overlaid with a gum leaf design screen print. Free motion machine quilted Mounted on fabric covered canvas frame Quilt Size - 30cm x 30cm [...]


Australiana Collage Series #1

Screen printed and hand painted fabric collage overlaid with a gum leaf design screen print. Free motion machine quilted Mounted on fabric covered canvas frame Quilt [...]


Japanese Tea Set 1

This quilt was made for the 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction. A photograph of a Japanese Tea set was manipulated in Photoshop to create a sharp image which [...]


A New Obsession

  This was my very first attempt a beading on fabric which was started in a Nancy Eha class. I was soon obsessed and spent many hours [...]


Ocean Dream

Designed to reflect the movement and colour of the ocean Layered hand dyed cotton and silk organza heavily embellished with hand stitched beads. 2009 Quilt Size [...]



I wanted to think about all the shades of green I could and made a piece of felt using the wet felt method and then embellished it [...]



  This quilt was made for the Exhibition - Beneath the Southern Sky It is a collage piece of hand dyed and printed fabrics relating to the Australian [...]


Japanese Love

  This quilt was made from recycled kimonos purchased in Kyoto. The stamps and motifs were inspired also by Japanese elements. The overlay design is the Japanese [...]


Hexagons are Taking Over

Everywhere I go - quilters are working on hexagons. I just needed to see what the fuss is all about. These were made with my own hand dyed and painted fabrics [...]


Orvieto Memories

  Quilt was started while I was teaching in the beautiful Italian village of Orvieto. All the fabrics in this quilt were created from white fabric using a variety of [...]


Party Time

This quilt originally was designed to be a random placement of fabrics. It has one simple block design in two sizes.  When it was finished it lacked something. A random piece of [...]


Blue Corridor

Quilt inspired by the beauty of Anton Gaudi's Casa Battlo building in Barcelona. The corridor in the attic has beautiful lines and draws you in to following the path [...]


Squared Up

  This quilt was one of my first to use multiple fabric textures. Only purples and green fabrics were used but a wide variety of fabric types including silk, cotton , [...]


Where Did the Time Go?

This quilt conveys the message of a demonstration of how a simple growth chart can make you realise that time has passed. Designed as an entry for A Matter of Time Exhibition Hand dyed [...]


Gaudi Star

Quilt was inspiredly the mosaics by Anton Gaudi in Park Guell in Barcelona. The screen printed design on all the fabric was based on the paving stones also designed by [...]


Australian Spirit

Australian Spirit was inspired by the colours of the Australian Outback. Sometimes green and lush and sometimes dry and harsh. The quilt was made of a wide variety of textured, painted and dyed fabrics [...]


Beneath the Surface

Quilt was inspired by the movement of water and the objects that float in the current. It is made of hand dyed silk noil and cotton which has been [...]


Bushfire Sunset

This quilt was inspired by the colours and devastation of the bushfires which ravage Australia every summer. The original photo was broken up into a grid and then into 9 different shades [...]


Barcelona Sunset

This quilt was inspired by the architecture of Anton Gaudi in Barcelona and the Modernista tile designs of the 1900s. A single piece of hand dyed fabric was cut and [...]


Barcelona Modernista

This quilt was inspired by the colours and shapes of the ceramic tiles which were developed in Barcelona around 1900. It was called the Modernista style. The hand dyed background fabric is cotton [...]

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