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Blue Corridor


Quilt inspired by the beauty of Anton Gaudi's Casa Battlo building in Barcelona. The corridor in the attic has beautiful lines and draws you in to following the path A photo was manipulated to create a monochromatic colour scheme of 9 shades of blue. The tile design of Gaudi's [...]

Squared Up


  This quilt was one of my first to use multiple fabric textures. Only purples and green fabrics were used but a wide variety of fabric types including silk, cotton , linen, rayon, hessian and many others. Simple layout design and machine quilted with metallic thread in an organic design by [...]

Gaudi Star


Quilt was inspiredly the mosaics by Anton Gaudi in Park Guell in Barcelona. The screen printed design on all the fabric was based on the paving stones also designed by Gaudi. The star motif was then quilted onto the piece and then overpainted with transparent fabric paints to allow the [...]

Bushfire Sunset


This quilt was inspired by the colours and devastation of the bushfires which ravage Australia every summer. The original photo was broken up into a grid and then into 9 different shades of yellow through to red. Each 6 block was created as a collage of different fabric and then pieced together. [...]

Barcelona Sunset


This quilt was inspired by the architecture of Anton Gaudi in Barcelona and the Modernista tile designs of the 1900s. A single piece of hand dyed fabric was cut and pieced to create the background. A tile design was then quilted over the top and then hand painted with fabric [...]

Barcelona Modernista


This quilt was inspired by the colours and shapes of the ceramic tiles which were developed in Barcelona around 1900. It was called the Modernista style. The hand dyed background fabric is cotton sateen and it was then quilted with a repeating tile design which was then hand painted with fabric paints. Tile [...]


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