Creative Journeys – Beading on Fabric – ebook

Creative Journeys – Beading on Fabric – ebook


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Do you run your hands over surfaces, walk around looking at the tiled floors in churches, take close-up shots of leaves and flowers or sculptural details in buildings? Do you watch how the light changes in a sunrise or the randomness of nature?

Welcome to the second book in the series: Creative Journeys: Beading on Fabric.

Beading adds another beautiful dimension to fabric and textiles.

In this book, Lisa Walton guides you through the ways in which you can add beaded embellishment to my textile work. You will enjoy learning about the stitches required to add beads so that you too can become as obsessed about beading as Lisa! Full of practical guidance, tips and techniques coupled with an abundance of illustrations, Lisa imparts her expertise to inspire you and to turn your ideas into beautiful beaded textiles.

First the reader is shown the basics and then the ways in which to add beads of all shapes and sizes. This book was originally a six week online course complete with videos each week and Lisa has adapted the notes to create this eBook and has included references to the online course in the text. Over an hour of video is included as part of the ebook.



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