These kits contain all you need for the Online Beading Workshop 

  • 10-12 inch square of single colour fabric pin basted to thin layer of or fused to lightweight interfacing.
  • Sewing (not a beading) needle or any fine needle that fits the beads.
  • Specialist Beading thread
  • Selection of beads
    • Selection of bugle beads (long tube shape) no larger than 5-6mm
    • Selection of different seed beads sizes 11(2.1mm), 8(3.1mm) and 6 (4mm)
    • Large glass cabochons – glass drops
    • Decorative beads for creating a dangling feature. These are beads with a hole in the top such as a teardrop or leaf or pearl shapes.
    • One self-covering button – 38mm
    • 8”-10” of piping cord or similar approx. ¼” diameter