I’ve just upgraded my iPad in time for my trip to Morocco. As it is a new model there weren’t many choices available for a cover and paying nearly $200 for a leather sleeve which looked like plastic was just silly.

I was going to use a bit of felt as a temporary measure for the trip but found a very nice bit of machine felted felt in the studio which looked perfect for the task. I love finding treasures in the studio.

Piece of handmade felt about to be turned into an iPad cover

Only a bit of trimming to size was needed and as felt doesn’t fray the edges didn’t need hemming. I was very pleased that the pattern was about the perfect siz

I folded over a little bit at the top for a pocket for the pencil.

Little sleeve for Apple Pencil

Side seams were stitched with an edge stitch and turned inside out and a bit of Velcro added (unfortunately only had white but will replace with black some day) and it’s all finished.

Finished and ready to travel

Cost  was a lot less than the leather sleeve -$0 and took less than an hour and made use of something that was just tucked away doing nothing. I’m happy