On this page you’ll find many ideas, projects we’ve worked on, videos, and products to inspire your next creative work – or just give you the boost you need to finish the one you’re working on! Check back regularly for updates, and send us a message if there is something specific you’d like to see.

Indigo Hexagons

I am making samples for my Indigo Shibori & Beyond workshop where we make lots of beautiful fabrics and then make something with them. I decided to make some hexagons although I have never been a [...]

Art Foamies Stamps

If It Doesn't Move - STAMP It! Stamping with ArtFoamies ArtFoamies Stamps are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with acrylic paints, inksand glazes. Each ArtFoamies Stamp comes with a freewashable, reusable StampBuddy pad. [...]

Indigo & Shibori

Using Indigo dye and a combination of traditional and contemporary shibori folds, pleats & clamps, an amazing array of fabrics can be created.     [...]

Sun Printing

Sun printing is great fun and many different effects can be achieved. Paint your fabric with SUN DYE fabric paints and then either cover areas of your fabric or fold, twist or scrunch it. You can even [...]


You can make your own stamps or buy pre-made ones. Stamping is a great way to personalise your work.  


Some examples of Stencilling using Artistcellar Stencils

Projects and products to inspire you!


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