I am making samples for my Indigo Shibori & Beyond workshop where we make lots of beautiful fabrics and then make something with them.

I decided to make some hexagons although I have never been a fan of the pretty Grandmothers Garden type of quilt. I admire the work and I quite like the actual process of making hexagons but need to do something a little different with them

So from one piece of Indigo Dyed fabric with dark and light sections, I cut some pieces which I glue basted to cardboard templates. I like this technique as my hands don’t like too much hand sewing

When the glue was dry I pressed the hexagons and removed the cardboard and pressed again.I then placed them close together on a pieces of Mistyfuse which was on a Goddess Sheet (teflon sheet). Here is a little video showing you how you can use Mistyfuse – my favourite fusible.

I covered them with the Goddess Sheet and pressed again so the Mistyfuse melted. When it was cold I was able to remove the hexagons in one piece and they had the Mistyfuse fused to the back.   I cut them apart and placed them randomly on a piece of rust dyed fabric and with the Goddess Sheet on the top (just in case) I ironed the hexagons to the rust dye.

 Using a 12wt Aurifil cotton in the top and 40wt in the bobbin and a large stitch length, I stitched about 1/8″ inside each hexagon and then around the edge in a echo pattern.