I was recently asked to review Deborah Louie’s new online class.

Deb is a renowned award winning Australian machine quilter. She quilts on domestic machines and her teaching schedule is constantly booked out. I have watched her teach and demonstrate many times and am always impressed at how easy she makes it all look. I was very pleased to see this latest offering of her skills which will enable her to spread her knowledge even further.

There are two classes currently available

I reviewed the Free Motion class

I was impressed at the professional filming with great lighting and sound quality. This is something I always look for. There is nothing worse than not being about to see or hear clearly when you have paid good money. There are a multitude of free video tutorials out there in cyberspace of varying quality. Although I have seen a lot of them and learnt quite a lot, there is nothing like a defined set of classes, well planned and produced.

I liked the structured approach Deborah has taken with this class, clearly setting out a comprehensive  step by step series of lessons. I know her years of experience teaching quilting on domestic machines has given her the knowledge to anticipate questions and responses and she has incorporated this into the lessons. I particularly liked the demonstrations on the board first followed by the stitching on the machine and the way the patterns and techniques grew in complexity as the course progressed.

There are a lot of little tips and tricks that I picked up even on a first viewing.

A couple of little negatives – I hate the theme music. I used the same one for a long time as it was the only one I thought I could use without paying for rights. Many people complained about it on my videos and I see why. There are quite a few sites which allow use of music as long as you credit the composer.

My other irritation was the showing of quilts to supposedly see the quilting. Many times – especially in the introduction sequence, I couldn’t see the quilting at all and it just frustrated me. Close up shots of quilting on completed quilts got better as the class progressed so I expect that will continue to improve with future classes.

I was very impressed with what I have seen and think this class would be of great use to both beginner and experienced quilters.