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Treasure Trove

You never know what you will find to help you on your artistic journey unless you look outside the obvious We were in a distinctly Korean area yesterday and were drawn to this shop by what I thought was a ginormous steamer. Apparently it is actually an oven but I've no idea how it is [...]

Hand Dyed Fabrics Revisited

As you probably know Peter and I have been dyeing fabrics for over 15 years. Ever since I learnt the basics from Carol Soderlund we have been creating beautiful fabrics on a high quality cotton poplin. If I could go back and count how many metres we had ordered from our supplier I am sure [...]

Breakdown Printing & Dressmaking

I've recently discovered Breakdown or Deconstructed Screen printing. There are a few good books/DVDs available on it including ones by Committed to Cloth & Kerr Grabowski. I've wanted to create yardage to make my own clothes so decided to use this technique Here is a little video showing what I did this time. I made [...]


One of my silk scarves wasn't all that good. The pole wrapped shibori technique I had tried on it didn't reach all thicknesses so there was only a little bit of patterning at the ends which were closest to the outside and the dye colour was a bit in your face too. So I had [...]

Changes and a New Direction

This is the first post in my new blog on my new website. There have been many changes in how I am looking at myself, my art and my life. As much as I love Dyed & Gone to Heaven - it is a store. A busy and exciting store but nevertheless it does not [...]

Indigo & Shibori

Using Indigo dye and a combination of traditional and contemporary shibori folds, pleats & clamps, an amazing array of fabrics can be created.    

Sun Printing

Sun printing is great fun and many different effects can be achieved. Paint your fabric with SUN DYE fabric paints and then either cover areas of your fabric or fold, twist or scrunch it. You can even sprinkle salt to get a great effect [...]


You can make your own stamps or buy pre-made ones. Stamping is a great way to personalise your work.  


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