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Cityscape Workshop

A quilt that just sort of grew out of nothing is now a really fun workshop. It combines a few different techniques to create an original cityscape White fabric is painted with good quality fabric paints in a landscape type colour scheme. Once painted the fabric is stitched into a tube and then cut into [...]

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Continuing the Tradition

One of the highlights of my recent Japan Tour was a visit to the monthly market at the Kitano Tenmangu Temple which is held on the 25th of each month. I love scrambling around flea markets so a Japanese version was going to be an incredible adventure. There was of course a fabulous range [...]

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Quilt Labels

I hate doing labels - even more than trying to work out Artist Statements but over the years I have come up with a quick and simple method I used to do a nice little block in Word with my name , country and date and even remembered to leave room for the name of [...]

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