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Book Making

I'm a great fan of Linda and Laura Kemshall who produce Design Matters TV This is a subscription service and they produce high quality videos every week. I've been a subscriber for years and look forward to their wide variety of topics every week. Laura recently demonstrated making small books from scratch and I [...]

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Treasure Trove

You never know what you will find to help you on your artistic journey unless you look outside the obvious We were in a distinctly Korean area yesterday and were drawn to this shop by what I thought was a ginormous steamer. Apparently it is actually an oven but I've no idea how it is [...]

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Hand Dyed Fabrics Revisited

As you probably know Peter and I have been dyeing fabrics for over 15 years. Ever since I learnt the basics from Carol Soderlund we have been creating beautiful fabrics on a high quality cotton poplin. If I could go back and count how many metres we had ordered from our supplier I am sure [...]

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